Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bingo! More Halloween Earrings

Have to get in one last Halloween project--more earrings! I found this cute monster/Halloween paper to make earrings from bingo chips. The bingo chips are 5/8" in diameter & I have a circle punch just that size--yea! I love it when I don't have to trim or sand to get things to fit perfectly. I think the most fun part of making my paper-embellished jewelry is picking out the paper designs :-)

So, I always use a strong adhesive like SU! Crystal Effects to glue the paper to the chip--on things where the paper is the exact same size & so the resin may not even touch the chip, if it's not on securely, the paper, even covered with resin, can come right off! Ask me how I know...

Before spreading the waterproof Colores Doming Resin over the paper, I sealed it (front AND back) with Mod Podge--very important step!!
Once the resin cured (I leave it overnight), I screwed in the little eye-screws at the top (by hand--if you're patient, you don't need to drill a hole first) and attached the earwires.

This last picture shows the back of another pair so you can see what the bingo chips look like (I glue the paper to the actual back of the chip. The side with the numbers isn't smooth--besides, I think being able to see that something is a game piece makes it more interesting. For this pair, I'd actually drilled a hole through the chip and used an eye pin so that I could add a bead dangle. You could also just add a second eye screw too. I'm starting to get handy with the jewelry tools, I tell ya!

& if you really like my monster earrings--they're on sale in my etsy shop! (see side widget)


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