Friday, February 18, 2011

Mimi & Mommy Custom Hand-Stamped Metal Pendants

Whoo-hoo! Now in my store, hand-stamped metal pendants custom-made for moms and grandmoms! These are on 1" silver aluminum discs, which keeps them affordable, yet they polish up to be nice and shiny like sterling silver. The Mimi pendant features the initals of each grandchild, separated by family by a heart and the rhinestone is the grandmother's birthstone (uh, Happy Mother's Day, Mom! if you happen to see this :-) ) The Mother pendant can feature an optional decorative stamp--either a heart, a heart with wings or baby footprints. I love the heart with wings because it can remember or symbolize Angel Baby Sisters or Brothers watching over your other kids or a Guardian Angel.


Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW Metal-stamped Pendants!!

You've probably seen this trendy style of pendant & since it involves stamping, I just HAD to try it myself. It involves a whole lot of new tools and supplies so it'll be awhile until I can ramp up to lots of different designs myself so for now, I'm starting simple with the Maddie Pendant. It's my little girl's birthday in February so I made one for her with an amethyst (February's birthstone). It's also my first project since returning from a self-imposed sabbatical. (We welcomed another baby girl, our fourth child, in December! So, now the "4" in Stamp 4 Life has even more meaning for me :-) )

Now available in my webstore: "The Maddie Pendant makes a special gift for a little (or big) girl in your life. Choose a name or initial to be stamped onto a 16mm vintage classic silver-plated disc. You may also add one birthstone. If a name can't fit straight across, it will curve around the edge of the pendant. The pendant comes with a silver-plated ball chain."

Stay tuned for new designs for Mommies & Mimis!