Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Resin Discussion

A reader sent me some good questions about Magic Glos vs. Colores Doming Resin and doming effects so I thought I’d address resin a little more.

To answer her question on whether I tried it on paper as opposed to just over Diamond Glaze--I did try just the magic glos on a paper item about 5/8" in diameter. I had to do several layers to get the thickness and "dome" effect I wanted. I don't remember bubbles being a problem with that but I still felt like I had to babysit it--maybe I'm just paranoid.  However, it eventually cracked! I've never had Colores crack on me.

There should be time to catch initial bubbles if you first work in the shadows before moving into the sun--but once in the sun, magic glos does cure fairly quickly.  John Golden has a good video up on youtube using magic glos & he had bubble issues--it's interesting to watch his system--he also has a video on using Easy Cast Resin.

She wanted to know if I had to do several layers with Colores to get the doming effect.  I only do one layer, one last check for bubbles (blowing lightly through a straw will take care of most of the bubbles), cover with a box to keep out stray particles & leave overnight to cure. I usually mix 15 or 30mm worth of resin (1/2 or almost 1 medicine cup respectively) & do a bunch of jewelry pieces at once to save on the cups, sticks & gloves. You can definitely make more pieces for your money with Colores than with the magic glos.  Of course, if you only plan to make a few items for gifts, personal use (not necessarily to sell), then it might be more of an investment since Colores only has a shelf life of six months.

But back to the doming--I personally think the doming works better on flat surfaces. Everyone always asks me how I keep it from running over. The short answer is: surface tension. As long as you add a little at a time (and you’ve mixed it well and with two equal parts), you can bring it to the edge and it won’t go over. If you use a bezel cup you have to keep adding more to get the dome-- to the point where you think you're about to spill over--but you really won't because of surface tension if you're careful. That said, don’t be surprised if your “cup runneth over” a few times before you get the hang of it!

If you really love the big bubble look, I’d recommend finding bubble glass (can be found on etsy) to put on top  because you really won’t get THAT much height with a doming resin.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Bunny Scrabble Tile Pendant

In honor of Easter (& because someone requested a "bunny or egg or something"), I made a special Easter Bunny Scrabble Tile Pendant. Isn't he cute??

Since I discovered I could color my wood Scrabble tiles (my last post), it made it a lot easier to be able to create this right on the tile as opposed to on a piece of cardstock, punch it out, seal it & fit it securely on the tile. First I colored the whole tile in a white chalk ink (drying with a heat gun between about three layers of ink). Then I stamped the bunny in black Staz-On. To get the blue sky and little bit of green grass, I just used a Fantastix dipped in chalk ink. Then I added the little Swarovski crystal and my Colores resin on top. I couldn't seal it with Mod Podge like I would with paper because it smudges the chalk ink I've found. But the resin doesn't seem to affect chalk ink like it does alcohol inks.

By the way, if too much ink gets on the side of your pendant, rubbing alcohol should remove it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Game Piece Charm Bracelets

I made a great discovery a few weeks ago--You can color wood with alcohol inks! I can't believe it took me this long to try it. The results aren't as bright as paper or plastic, but I liked them enough that it gave me the idea of using scrabble tiles colored that way as a bracelet focal point. I simply glued earring bails onto both sides to connect the bracelet chain. Regular bails would work too. I also made some using small dominoes.

And one last pic--my favorite mini domino ring to match the blue wave bracelet--all to be posted in my shop soon:


Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Like Big Rings & I Cannot Lie

Inspiration can find me in the strangest places--the latest one came in the ER when I took my youngest in over a weekend for an ear infection. The nurse had a big mama-jama ring on her finger & it looked so cool & funky, it made me want to make a bigger ring. I've been keeping it rather conservative with 5/8" round rings.

So, I came up with making rings with my mini-dominos! I hope they fill a need for people who like big rings :-) They're 1/2" x 1"-- so not ginormous, but still a little more funky.

A few samples now in my store: