Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for Celtic Stamps??

So we've been snowed in for let's see...6 days now.  Today I was out shoveling the driveway so my husband could make it into the garage okay & it literally felt like I was in the Arctic--howling wind blowing snow in my face. I live in Virginia..riiiiight.

Anyway, so I've had lots of time to putz around--today I completely re-arranged my craft area work space to be more geared towards jewelry-making instead of scrapbooking (which I hope to get back to someday). Then, I've been shopping online for fun. I'll be vendoring at my daughter's Irish Dancing School's Feis (dance competition) in a few weeks so yesterday I called Highlander Celtic Stamps to place an order for more, what else, celtic stamps, because I was having internet issues and it was so nice to reach a human being.

I'm usually not very chatty with strangers, despite being from the tourist mecca of Williamsburg, VA, where we all grew up doing service industry jobs, but I couldn't resist telling the woman on the phone that I make jewelry with their stamps. Well, it turns out I was talking with the designer of the stamps herself and it's a family-owned business. Her husband is an award-winning children's author who writes Scottish stories (I *heart* Scotland--studied there for a spell). She actually visited my website while we talked & it was cool to be able to share what I do with her work--I hope it gives her the kind of satisfaction I get when I see someone wearing something I made. Here's a scrabble tile pendant I made with her Irish Dancer stamp:

Can't wait to get my new stamps!! 'Course, I'd be happy just to get the mail & newspaper too in this snow.


  1. How neat! That has too be so fun - especially after being snowed in for so long - and more on the way, I understand. We have been fortunate here not to have any really BAD snows yet - just moderate ones. I can't imagine!

  2. That's very cool. Love your pendant.