Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Custom Photo Pendant

I finally had someone ask me to make a photo pendant of her grandbaby. I was psyched to try out a black and white photo on an Othello game piece (the back of the piece is black). And how could you go wrong with such a beautiful picture? The photographer is Kelly Mihalcoe.

This was my first time working with a digital print so I had some new challenges. Just like other papers, it has to be sealed first before you add the epoxy resin on top. I tried Mod Podge but found that it yellows the picture a little. Next, I used Krylon's Preserve It! in Matte Finish. It's kind of funny making a picture printed on glossy paper look matte, but whatever, that's what I had on hand & the epoxy made it look glossy again. Make sure you spray the front AND the back of the paper to seal it. Finally, I added a rhinestone to her hair for the finishing touch.


  1. i was such a pain in the neck-changing my order after already giving short notice and then having them shipped different places. i already thought you were an angel, but clearly your patience runs even deeper. you did the most amazing job and they turned out phenomenally!!! hugs, doll- you do AMAZING work!~Vanessa

  2. OOOOOHHH! Can you do this on a bracelet with all my kids pics??? or somehow do the necklace thing with them all?