Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Pendants at My Etsy Store!

I've been really obsessed lately with making altered game piece pendants--from Scrabble tiles, Othello chips & mini dominos. I'm sure if I can find something else that works, I'll use that too! Hunting through thrift stores is just part of the fun. Of course, it's a lee-tle early for craft fair season, so I've started listing them in my Etsy store (see sidebar over to the left).

Yesterday I looked up how to make a light box to try to get better pictures of them but as you can probably tell, it's still a work in progress! I still don't think the pictures do them justice. My personal favorites to make are the mini dominos because the plastic surface lets me get my hands dirty with alcohol inks. I love combining the various colors and coming up with unique looks every time. Plus, while I've definitely seen others do versions of paper on game pieces to make the pendants, I haven't seen actual stamping so hopefully I'm bringing something a little new to the game :-)

& In case you're wondering, one bottle of Crystal Effects can seal about 100 of these puppies!


  1. These are all beautiful!!!

  2. Boy, these are so beautiful! I love each one.

  3. How cool is that? Are they really hard to make? That would make a fun project to do with my club....then again....it may take forever to dry....I really like yours, though! Beautiful!

  4. OH wow...they are just gorgeous!!! I think the pictures look really good!