Monday, October 27, 2008

Preserving Stamped Candles

tealight in stamped candle
As you know, I made these candles to sell at my upcoming craft fairs & it occurred to me that people might be concerned about buying something that will eventually melt away. So, I remember reading about a way to keep the image intact so that you can use these candles year after year: make them into tealight holders!

I decided I needed to make a sample to show people that it can be done & I also typed up instructions to go with each candle I sell. Basically, I just burnt the candle until the crater was wide enough to fit a tealight (took about an hour). Then, I simply scraped out the bottom of the crater a little more until I could fit the tealight in so that the top was fairly even with the top of the candle. Now I can just replace the tealight when it burns down. Cool, huh?



  1. What a great idea, using the tea light! Very pretty candle! Welcome to group #5!!!

  2. Pretty candle. I like the idea of inserting the tea light. I will have to remember that!

  3. Very clever idea. I would never have thought of this and your candle is beautiful too. Welcome to group 5.

  4. that candle is beautiful. i've got some i will have to try that with. thanks for the idea.